Welcome to Frontera

We’re a professional photo team working on private conservation projects, wildlife conservation education, photography instruction, a stock library for Laura Crawford Williams Photography, and leading the occasional photo adventure with very special clients.

2012 was a very busy year! We worked with the Straw-colored Fruit Bats of Kasanka National Park in Zambia, visited the Coastal Brown Bears of the Khutzeymateen National Reserve in British Columbia, and tracked Puma through a snowstorm in Torres del Paine National Park. In April, we traveled to Southern Patagonia where we worked with conservation group Cielos Patagonicos at Estancia El Cóndor and Estancia Menelik. In June, we gave our last scheduled tour through North Central Argentina and in September, Laura was interviewed by Mark Godfrey, Director of Photography at The Nature Conservancy.

For 2013, we’ve already planned on returning to Africa. We will also visit some of Argentina’s wildest landscapes such as the jungles of Baritú National Park and the deserts of Catamarca, also known as the Argentinean Sahara. We will return to Chile to track Puma and hopefully work with the Orcas of British Columbia and Valdés. Our next exhibition will be held in the middle of the world-famous glaciers of the Southern Patagonian ice field, in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. The Glaciarium, also know as the Museum of Ice, was officially opened in February 2011 and marked with a ceremony attended by President Kirchner. The state-of-the-art facility is located on the banks of Lago Argentino, close to El Calafate. The town receives around 350,000 tourists per year and is the gateway to the Los Glaciares National Park.

We will no longer be offering scheduled tours for a while. But, if you have a special request we will continue to plan and organize custom tours for small groups or individuals. In the meantime, German and I will begin work on a book about Argentina wildlife. That should take up most of our free time for a while!

Take Care,
~Laura and German